Q: Why choose IHS as your houseware provider?

A: Since 2009, IHS has successfully delivered immediate houseware solutions to the insurance housing industry, exceeding expectations with new, customized packages to individuals displaced in a difficult temporary environment.

Q: What type of houseware solutions do you offer?

A: IHS has the flexibility to customize houseware packages based on budgets, to accommodate a variety of customers, whether it’s a temporary insurance situation, remote physician assignment or apartment project, we are happy to provide solutions and product to meet your objectives.

Q: What is included with each housing package?

A: Each housing package is based on the individual requirements required by the specific customer needs and priced accordingly. This ensures proper pricing and expectations.

Q: How soon would options be available?

A: After you have requested a quote, our team will contact you immediately to discuss the options and desired products. When temporary housing is required, our commitment is to provide immediate options that include 24 hour delivery. If the houseware option is more involved, we will put a proposal together matching specifications, tailored to your budget. We strive to accommodate you based on your client’s needs and time frames.

Q: Do you handle housewares nationwide?

A: Yes. IHS offers box and ship delivery based on your specific time frame. We partner with national shipping companies to ensure nationwide, and reliable delivery. Whether its overnight, or needs to be palletized, we have many options to ensure delivery. In addition, remote large projects, sudden disaster events, are all situations we have delivery solutions.

Q: How customized can we get?

A: We will work with your individual request and support this with our varied vendor relationships to tailor your houseware specifications. Our team is here to assist in matching your specifications and budget to deliver the best houseware solution.

Q: How does IHS bill?

A: IHS is different in that we bill as rent to own. We bill monthly with the option to acquire the products at the end of the lease. This rent-to-own favors those in temporary housing for insurance purposes since the items can be purchased at a favorable price at the end of the lease and assist in the replacement of items previously lost. If the housewares are not purchased, we partner with local charities to assist them in their need for houseware items.

All other situations, we contract for the purchase of the items on normal business terms.